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The Luxury Japanese style Breakfast of yoin hotel

yoin hotel has started to serve The Luxury Japanese style Breakfast(*^ω^)

Starting with a milky white Tonjiru, will bring the warmth into you. Tonjiru is a savory pork and vegetable miso soup with an excellent source of B vitamins, fiber, and minerals and it’s nourishing and oh-soul-fulfilling!

Then it comes with a bowl of clay-pot cooked rice, which is different from using the rice cooker at home. Using the clay-pot to cooked the rice, will bring more texture into the rice, especially with the Kyoto rice Hinohikari.

Next will be the main dish, there are three kinds for you to choose. Two kinds of fish and a meat dish. 1. Grilled Salmon 2. Kyoto style grilled mackerel with miso 3. Grilled Matsusaka Pork

Side dish with Kyto style pickled vegetables.

Is a Breakfast that brings out the Kaiseki style of Japanese cuisine. It is more like a full course dinner then a breakfast with the best flavor ever.

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